The below picture is of me in the Cancer Hospital in 1979
when I first started receiving Chemotherapy ~ Before I lost my hair.  
You could also be Healed Of "Any" Sickness or Disease

There is Nothing Impossible with God. Whether you need Healing,
Deliverance, Salvation or whatever the need is, you could be Set Free
once and for all ~ Never to Return!

The level of impact we can have on something is determined by the
 measure to which we have been impacted by something

The enemy is looking for a foothold that he can turn into a stronghold.

Below is a Video of Graham Cooke with Christina Black
"The Art of Thinking Brilliantly"

Below Video: You gave me love when nobody gave me a prayer

Below Video: Nick Vujicic ~ Changing The World

Delia Knox Received a Miracle at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival
She was Wheelchair bound and Paralyzed from the waist down
 for 22 Years! August 2010

Delia Knox giving testimony after she is healed.

  Please Note:
Everything listed below Is NOT my Testimony
but the Lord is able to deliver us from

Please watch the Video below of Nick Vujicic.He was born without Arms or Legs.
He travels throughout the world bringing a message of encouragement to multitudes.

Music: "All"  by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera
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